The Journal

The Journal on Land, Maritime, Air and Multimodal Transport Law (RDT) is a biannual publication in which academics and professionals offer an updated, rigorous and dynamic analysis, both dogmatic and practical in nature, on the problems presented by the legal framework of transport and its insurance for operators in the transport sector and for Law professionals.

Each number of the Journal contains several doctrinal and professional platform articles, which provide solutions and interpretative lines aimed at overcoming the difficulties presented by the practical application of the regulatory framework of transport and its insurance. Likewise, the Journal includes four sections (“Land transport”, “Maritime transport”, “Air and multimodal transport” and “Insurance policies”) that provide and exhaustive list of the rulings issued by our judicial bodies in the field of transport and of the resolutions of competition regulators, duly commented, along with new legislative events and a systematic approach to the monographs, articles and other works related to transport Law and its insurance published during the semester.

Since the beginning, the Journal on Transport Law has received the collaboration and the financial and institutional backing of the Basque Government / Eusko Jaurlaritza, through the Maritime Administration School of the Department of the Environment and Regional Policy of said body. As a result, at the Management of the Journal we are very grateful for this decisive support for studies on transport Law.

The Journal on Transport Law is firmly committed to scientific and editorial quality, as established by its code of ethics and its rules on the revision of original papers. In this respect, the Journal aims for continuous improvement and guarantees the quality of its contents, in particular of the articles that are published, which go through an objective and anonymous peer review. A result of the work carried out in this field, the Journal of Transport occupies second place in the RESH ranking of the CNEAI, and third place in the RESH ranking of the ANECA, for legal journals in the fields of civil Law and commercial Law. These lists can be checked in: Spanish Journals on Social Sciences and Humanities (RESH). Likewise, it should be noted that it complies with all the Latindex criteria (33), as well as its indexing in databases such as DICE, MIAR or CARHUS+2014 (grupo B), among others. Also, the Journal has been recognized with the "Class A" (Class of greater scientific prestige) in Italy, by the " Agenzia Nazionale di Valutazione del Sistema Universitario e della Ricerca" (ANVUR), for the area of Juridical Sciences.

The Journal on Transport Law is firmly consolidated thanks to the dedication, effort and excellent disposition of the team of academics and professionals, from Spain and abroad, who are part of the organisational structure of the Journal. They all agreed to participate in this project despite the many research, teaching and professional commitments they have to face. Therefore, the Management of the Journal would like to sincerely thank them all for their work, their collaboration and their commitment to make the biannual publication of the Journal possible. Likewise, this gratitude must also extend to the authors who send in their work, as well as to the subscribers, for their trust in the Journal. We can only hope that the collective effort will be worth it and that the Journal can contribute towards solving the problems that the legal framework of transport and its insurance currently present.

The publication of the Journal on Transport is carried out at the Marcial Pons publishing house, who would like to thank here for their professionalism and rigour throughout the preparation, editing, and distribution stages of each Journal number. In this respect, those interested in subscribing to the Journal of Transport Law or in acquiring a specific copy can do so by contacting Marcial Pons directly.